Tuesday, November 18, 2014

POEMS: One Rework, One Video-

No Traffic To Our Kiss -
reworked poem by DRH/DMJ

Food, yes.
Money, yes.

who cooks/who cleans/who pays the rent
we agree on most things including

the unicorn left no scars on our hearts
and blessed the inevitable gains of our love
which was an epic, mythical journey
in the very truest sense of the legends of love
granted status and authenticity by the Yeti
with joyous revelation
and hit up
road trips
and sunny days
stormy nights
and long, loving gazes:
to do it by.

It's art: it's
no concern for cool
or the glances of others
as we shine in the world.

It's sex: it's
warm and simple magic
delicious and savored, only for we two
this is what the gods experienced
feels like no one else knew how before.

We live this -
more successfully
as the Great Loves of Literature and Film
what grasped their own dreams
for the glorious-encompassing
never hidden from view
in an eagle's nest for a lion heart
and a plinth to hold honor and honesty for a head
for hands!
hearts! ALL
intersect with this promise.

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